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"Banana by Bored Labs" NFT collection - a groundbreaking project designed to provide new users with access to our server, which generated an astonishing 17 ETH in profit in just 50 days through the use of its powerful bot for calls.

We have selected the best of web3 in over 9 months, and put it all in one server!

Phase 1 5pm est holders x5-x10-x20 (50 supply)
Phase 2 5:30pm est WL & Holders (150 supply)
Phase 3 6pm est Public FcFs (750 supply)

Phase 1 0.0035eth (50 supply)
Phase 2 0.0065eth (150 supply)
Phase 3 0.013eth (750 supply)

Project Godjira - Mintify - Gm Studio - Apes Pixelated - and more.....

@QuelPablo_eth as well as being an artist in real life he is also a developer, with his skills he has developed a bot that can show channels from other servers in real time 24h / 24h without any stop. He is an Italian entrepreneur who has founded three startups since 2017. All three have been awarded by big companies such as Google, BNL, and digital hackathon.

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